Welcome to the A-Game Alliance

Young man paddle boarding during a beautiful sunrise in Mexico


It’s so great to see you here! Thank you, so much, for joining the Alliance!

You’ve made the choice to get serious about learning how to bring your idea to launch, scale up or up-level your passion-driven business. Congratulations!

I’m completely committed to showing you the smartest path to success. I prioritize presenting all trainings and best practices through the lens of market fluency in our markets of focus (outdoor, bike, snow, endurance, travel and health + wellness).

Additionally, I want you to be efficient. Learning from me, and your peers, about what works and what doesn’t across the spectrum of being an entrepreneur today (online, offline and inline) is foundational in the Alliance.

Here’s how it all works:

1 – This is the ‘Get Started’ page.

2 – Check out the Weekly Update page to ensure you can quickly get caught up on what you might have missed if you were traveling, etc.

3 – The ‘Courses’ page contains all of the trainings.

4 – ‘Webinars’ is where you find the monthly Intrepid Master Class recordings. These are live and open to the public each month only for the live call time. Once I’m done, I post them here and nowhere else. This is also where you’ll find monthly mini-trainings, starting in May!

5 – Coaching – One of the best ways to maximize the value of your Alliance membership is to be an active participant in the live coaching sessions. I’ll personally be holding these twice per month.

The Coaching page also houses the calendar where you will see the time and date for my live coaching calls and also when the recording call will be uploaded.

6 –‘Guest Mentors’ is another calendar, similar to what you’ll see in the coaching section, but will feature when the guest mentor will be on live to field your questions and also, will house the recorded content from these calls.

7 – ‘The Forum.’ In the Forum, you’ll be able to join threads about all of the modules and main topics of focus for our community.

8 – ‘Resources.’ The Resources section offers a list of the must know about, and must-read resources for entrepreneurs in our markets. If you have ideas for this, please drop me a line at kco@intrepidentrepreneur.net.

if you have any questions, get stuck somewhere or need help with the membership site, drop me a line! I’ve got a great team supporting me here, and we’re here to serve you!

If you need more in-depth coaching, I do offer spot coaching packages on the Intrepid website. Here’s the link to that offering: http://intrepidentrepreneur.net/work-with-me/

Thank you again, SO much for joining the Alliance! We’ve got some work to do here – so let’s GO BIG together and get after it!




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